FAQ: How Can I make My Shed Door More Secure?

The door latch is the weakest point of a shed.

It’s quick, easy and silent to slide a tire iron through the padlock and twist it until the latch is torn off.

This high security latch will prevent that kind of easy breaking and entry.

security latchIt’s almost impossible to break. You will have to break through the door or walls to get past it.

security lock pin
This view shows the locking pin that goes through the latch. There is no hasp and the pin is well protected against cutting.

high security latch 05It cost about $40.00 at Lowes or Home Depot. You might find it cheaper on Amazon.com.

Mount with carriage bolts

You will need to add some extra backing for the bolts to go through, and some extra trim so it sits flush. But otherwise it’s an easy install.

Mount it above the other door latch at a convenient working height and use carriage bolts on both the latch and hinge for maximum security.

Piano Hinge

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