Why You Might Need Shed Tie Downs

Protection against against wind and water

shed tiedown 1 High winds can not only rip the roof off your shed, they will more likely just blow your shed across the yard or into a neighbors property. An unusually high wind can toss it several blocks away.

Flooding water can knock your shed off its foundation and float it away.

Ready Made

tiedown 2 You can protect your shed from both of these hazards by tying it down to the ground. You can buy ready made mobile home tie downs which are either metal augers that you screw into the ground or metal rods that you drive in the ground in an “x”.

Then you tie these anchors to the floor of your shed.

Make Your Own

Or you can make your own tie downs by digging a hole in the ground under each corner of your shed, dropping a metal strap or rod into it and filling the hole with concrete. Then attach this anchor to your shed floor. Either of these methods will provide some protection against your shed blowing or washing away.

Usually you will know ahead of time if these will be necessary for your new wood shed. History in your area will tell you what to expect. But most of the time building or zoning codes will require these tie downs if the hazard is frequent in your area.