Step 3: How To Build Gable Roof Shed Trusses

Make the trusses now because you’ll need two of them to build the gable end walls in the next step.

It’s important that all your trusses be the same height and width so that the ridge line of your new shed will be symmetrical. You can do this by making a simple jig.

make a truss assembly jigMake a jig: Place two pencil marks eight feet apart on the edge of the unused 2×4 top plate.

Now cut two small pieces of wood and screw them to the outside of these marks. Then screw this jig assembly to the floor.

Prepare your materials: Measure and cut the pieces for the trusses. Use a speed square to mark the angles.

Drill a pilot hole in one of the pointy ends of every other truss piece so you can toe nail them together at the top joint. Also drill four pilot holes in both ends of the collar beams.

assemble the trussesAssemble trusses: Put the ends of two truss pieces into the jig and press everything together.

Toe nail the top joint with a single screw through the pilot hole.

Position a collar beam parallel to the jig and screw it to the truss with four screws on each side.

Make a pencil mark on the floor along the top of the truss so you can compare the rest of your trusses to this mark as you build them. If a truss is off significantly you will know it immediately.

After you have built all the trusses you can double check them by standing them up on end and measuring the distance from the floor to the peak of the truss. If they are all equal (or close enough), then you are finished and can disassemble the jig.

If some of your trusses are slightly off, don’t despair. If you use them properly this will not be a problem. Simply use the shortest pair of trusses to build the gabled ends with. Use the single tallest truss in the center of the shed. Use the next tallest pair, one truss on either side of the center truss. Use the last pair next to the gable ends. This way the roof will still be symmetrical and you won’t not have to waste or rebuild the less than perfect trusses.

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