Step 10: Shingle The Roof

Installing shingles on the roof of your shed might seem complicated but it’s easy if you take it one step at a time.

Use 3/4 inch long galvanized roofing nails for all the roof work.

Eave drip edge

storage shed gable roof drip edgeFirst install the drip edge on the eave edges. I am using 3 inch “D” style with a primer. I already painted it to match my trim.

Felt paper

gable roof shed felt paperInstall a layer of 30# felt paper. Use just enough nails to keep it in place.

Gable end drip edge

gable roof drip edge Install the gable end drip edge on top of the felt paper.

Starter row

starter row shinglesInstall a starter row of shingles. These are shingles with the tabs cut off that you mount and nail close to the edge.

The glue strip on this starter row will hold the tabs of the next row of shingles in place.

Alternate rows with half tab removed

first row shingles storage shed roofYou want to stagger the joists between the shingles to prevent leaking and water damage.

Begin the starter row with a full shingle, then cut half a tab off every other row of shingles.

This way every joints where the shingles come together will be covered by a full tab above it.

Shingle spacing

storage shed shingle overlapMost shingle manufacturers specify 5 inches of exposure.

Put 4 roofing nails in each shingle about 5/8 inch above the tab cutout but below of the glue line.

Stack some supplies

gable roof shinglesStack some shingles along the ridge line and install the shingles from the bottom eave up to the top.

Start the shingles from the front of the shed and work to the back because the starting edge will be neater and less ragged than the edge you cut to fit.

Work from the same end on both rows. This way you can use the cut offs from one side to finish the row on the other side.

Cutting surface

cut end shingles storage shed roofUse a utility knife, a straight edge and a cutting board to trim the last shingle in each row to fit.

Use the cutoffs from the other side of the shed if they are long enough.

Keeping your rows straight

measure rows occasionally shed roofMeasure each end of the row every few rows to make sure they aren’t getting narrower or wider. If so, make it up on the next few rows.

Don’t wait till you get all the way to the top to find that your rows are uneven. If you can’t do it by eye then snap a chalk line.

You can also use the lines on the felt paper if you installed it square. But most likely you will need to snap a chalk line.

Cut ridge cap

cut ridge caps shingle roofUse your utility knife and straight edge to cut a stack of shingle tabs to nail along the ridge cap.

The back edge of each tab tapers in so that it will fit neatly under the tab on top of it.

Nail ridge caps

storage shed roof ridge capNail the row of ridge cap tabs on and you are finished with the roof.

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