Option: Building Your Shed With A Ridge Board

If you want to build your shed with a ridge board then cut all the truss rafters 3/4 inch shorter than dimension “F” in Table 2.

Build The Trusses

build-truss-spacerBuild the truss with a short (2 to 3 inch) 2×4 spacer in the gap where the ridge board will go.

This spacer is temporary so don’t secure it in any way.

On the small 8 wide trusses make sure the collar beam will not interfere with the ridge board.

Build Gable Walls

gable-end-wallKeep the spacer in when you sheet the gable walls to make sure the gap doesn’t close up because you will not be able to adjust it once the truss is nailed to the siding.

Install The Ridge Board

ridge-boardCut to the ridge board to the length of the shed (dimension “B”) and mark it 24 inch on center.

Remove the spacers in both end wall trusses and put the ridge board in between the 2 gable ends.

Line it up with the top of the truss and nail in place.

Raise The Trusses

ridge-board-trussesRaise the trusses one at a time and work the ridge board into the gap. It will probably be a tight fit and take a little hammer work to get each one into place.

Line the top of the truss with the top of the ridge board and nail the truss rafter to the ridgeboard on each side. Then nail the trusses into the top plate as normal.