Top 10 Reasons To Build Your Own Shed

David Letterman made the top 10 list famous. So here is my version; “Top 10 Reasons To Build Your Own Shed.”
    Save 50% to 65% of the cost

    Save 50% to 65%

  1. You can save 40% to 70% of the cost of buying a ready built one!
  2. You can build a much larger shed for the same amount of money that you would spend for a smaller ready made one.
  3. You will get a good quality shed built to your specifications.
  4. You enjoy working with your hands and need a new project.
  5. It will give you a good reason to go out and buy those new tools you want.
  6. It’s something the whole family can do together.
  7. It will give you the personal satisfaction of having completed a relatively complicated project.
  8. Your neighbors will be jealous of your accomplishments.
  9. Your wife will be happy because she can finally clean out the closets.
  10. You can to clean out the garage and park your car inside again.

These are all excellent reasons to build your own storage shed.

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Construction Details Video

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy My $7.95 Shed Plans

  1. They include dimensions to build 21 sizes from 8×4 to 12×20 with options for 3 1/2 or 5 1/2 inch of overhang and 7 or 8 ft sidewall height
  2. No suprises because you know exactly what my plans include as far as building instructions and videos
  3. You can calculate exactly what your shed will cost before you buy the plans so you already know it fits your budget
  4. I have build hundreds and hundreds of sheds like this and have refined the design to be materials and labor efficient
  5. I’m avaliable by email if you have any questions