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You can check this page from time to time to see new additions and changes to this website.

List of changes and additions:


04/14/2016 New photo gallery: 10×20 Tall barn with loft, 20 photo construction series.

04/12/2016 New photo gallery: 2 Story tall bar constructions series.

04/08/2016 New photo gallery: 30 Photo tall barn style shed construction series.

04/07/2016 New photo gallery: 25 Photo lean to style shed construction series.

04/06/2016 5 Year anniversary, started CheapSheds.com on April 6, 2011.


06/18/2015 FAQ’s: I added a lot of questions and answers to the FAQ page.

05/14/2015 New post: How to add a porch to your shed.

01/29/2015 New post: Where to buy a heavy duty piano hinge like I use in my videos and instructions.

01/28/2015 New Post: Security Latch, a high security latch for about $40.00.


11/19/2014 New Video: Step 4: Frame And Sheet The Walls For A Tall Barn And Deluxe Gable Roof Shed

11/13/2014 New video: Build A 10×12 Tall Barn Style Shed

11/07/2014 New post detailing the cost to build each of my shed plans in various sizes.

11/04/2014 New Video: Which Shed Plans Should You Buy?

10/18/2014 New video: Build A 12×20 Shed In 10 Minutes

10/17/2014 Updated an earlier video: Install A Whirlybird Turbine Vent On Your Shed Roof

09/28/2014 New video: What Is The Best Roof Style For Your New Shed?

09/26/2014 New video: Top 3 Reasons To Build Your Own Shed

06/26/2014 Finished and posted my Single Slope Lean To Style Shed Plans for sale at $11.95.

04/19/2014 New post: Frequently Asked Questions to answer many of the common e-mail questions I get about the shed plans and shed building in general.

03/15/2014 Getting my photo galleries organized and loaded with images.

03/11/2014 Updated my Tall Barn Style Shed Plans to include 10 larger sizes, overhang on all 4 sides and a crows beak.

02/16/2014 New post: Step 8: Frame and sheet the roof from my Deluxe gable roof shed plans.

02/16/2014 New post: Step 3: How to build 6/12 & 12/12 gable roof trusses From my Deluxe gable roof shed plans.

02/16/2014 Finished and posted my Deluxe Gable Roof Shed Plans in 31 sizes from 8×4 to 16×32.

02/06/2014 Added a 4th foundation option: A floor-less foundation in case you want to build your shed without a floor


12/31/2013 Finished and posted my Tall Barn Style Shed Plans With Loft

11/07/2013 Added a page listing all my shed and garage plans and started a photo gallery.

11/02/2013 New post and video: How to build perfect barn style gambrel roof trusses

10/27/2013 Started a new construction series: How To Build A Garage and posted my garage blueprints for sale.

10/14/2013 New post and video: Understanding Your Sheds Roof Pitch Measurement

06/04/2013 New post and video: How To Install A Whirlybird Turbine Vent On Your Shed Roof

05/23/2013 New Video: Build An 8×12 Shed In 10 Easy Steps

05/18/2013 New post and option to my shed plans: Build Your Shed On A Concrete Slab

05/11/2013 New post: Building your shed with a ridge board.

05/09/2013 Sales page for my book: How To Start A Small Home Based Business With Little Or No Money And Make $50,000 Per Year In 5 Years Or Less

04/30/2013 Posted “How To Build A Shed Door” video, the last video in my shed building series. It has been exactly 12 months to the day since I posted my first video on youtube.com.

04/12/2013 Posted 3 new videos to the video page and on youtube.com

04/11/2013 Added posts for optional 8ft sidewall height and also for optional 3 1/2 and 5 1/2 inch overhang.


09/28/2012 Posted a new video: How To Shingle Your Shed Roof Video.

09/27/2012 Posted a new video: “How To Install The Trim On Your Storage Shed“.

09/26/2012 Updated the how to trim a shed page and the same section in my shed plans.

09/25/2012 Added this what’s new page.

04/30/2012 Posted my first video on youtube.com.


12/06/2011 Sold my first set of shed plans online.

04/06/2011 Started this website.

Some history

05/25/2002 Registered CheapSheds.com but left it inactive.

1990 Started my storage shed and garage construction business.