FAQ: Should I Use 16 or 24 Inch Centers For The Wall Studs?


Should I use 16 or 24 inch centers for the wall studs?


The only reason to use 24 inch centers is to save a few dollars on a smaller shed.

Use 16 inch centers whenever possible. It’s not about “strength”. A shed will stand up for years with as much as 48 inch centers.

The reason for using 16 inch centers for your wall studs is to keep the siding straight. Siding expands in the presence of moisture. This makes it bow or cup between the studs if not tied down properly. The cheaper and thinner the siding the more likely it will warp from moisture. This is why all siding manufacturers recommend 16 inch centers.

Even in the hot and dry Arizona desert there is enough moisture to warp siding over time. Maybe not for 3 to 5 years. But it can and often does happens with 24 inch centers.

This can happen even with the best paint because moisture from the air enters through the back of the siding.

The more moisture in your area the more important it is to use 16 inch centers.

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