Small Sheds Are A Fast And Cheap Option

small storage shed plastic

Small sheds might be your only option if your are short of space

Small sheds are an excellent option if you have extra stuff but only a small space for a shed. Small plastic or metal sheds are readily available from most hardware stores.

Many small sheds will probably fit in the trunk of your car, or you can borrow a friends pickup truck and take it home the same day. And it will require little assembly time.

Building small sheds yourself is easier than a large one because there will be much less technical know how required. And it will take less time in general.

You will only need a few square feet under your house eaves or along the fence line and you garden tools and extra stuff will be out of the house or garage. And it will be portable so you can move it around your yard, or take it with you or give it away later.

You can also have multiple small sheds for the price of a single larger one. This way you can organize your stuff more logically than just stuffing it all into a single shed.