Second Hand Sheds: Good Deal Or A Waste Of Time?

Second hand sheds can be a good deal if you know what you are doing. Some important things to consider when you are thinking about purchasing a second hand shed are…

  • Access
  • Cost to move
  • Condition
  • Price


The first thing to think about if you are thinking about buying a second hand shed is access. Do you have access to get it into where you want it? Can you easily remove it from it’s current Location?

Plastic sheds and metal sheds can be disassembled but wooden sheds will have to be moved whole.

Cost To Move

Can you dis assemble the shed and move it in a pickup, or will you have to hire a truck to haul it. Or will you have to move it whole?

Hiring someone to move a second hand shed will add to the cost. Unless you can do it yourself. Even then you might need to rent some specialized equipment.


Sheds age so the condition will affect the price you should pay. Painting and small repairs are mostly labor and a small amount of materials.

But your time is valuable so don’t pay too much for a second hand shed if it needs lots of repairs. Almost any second hand shed can be reconditioned at the right purchase price.


Depending on the sellers situation you should be able to buy a second hand shed at a fraction of the cost of a new shed. And not much more than the cost of materials for a new shed.

But be sure to add in the cost of moving the shed, and any repairs you might need to make, like a new paint job and replacing some shingles that might be damaged in the move.

Second hand sheds can be a wise choice if you can get one at the right price. As I said, almost any second hand shed can be reconditioned. It’s just a matter of time and repair materials. The important factor is what you have to pay for the shed its self.