FAQ: Where Can I Buy A Heavy Duty Piano Hinge

I suggest using a heavy duty piano hinge on your doors because it’s much stronger than individual hinges.

Where To Buy One

One of my plans buyers (Thank you “Craig”) found this website “McMaster.com” which sells hinges that fits this description for about $45 before shipping and handling.

A hinge like this will keep your door from sagging.

A piano hinge like this that runs the full length of your door will keep it from sagging. Secure it with plenty of 1/4 inch carriage bolts for maximum strength and security.

  • Leaf thickness: .09 inch
  • Width: 4 inch
  • Pin diameter: 1/4 inch
  • Knuckle length: 1 inch
  • Length: Full length of the door

Product Number

  • 15665A393

You can either search by product number or follow the top left hand link labeled “Unfinished Steel Piano Hinges without Holes”.

If you can’t find the exact length you need then buy the next longer size and cut it to length with a hacksaw.

Proper Preparation

These hinges are made of unfinished steel so you’ll need to clean off the metal with paint thinner and spray it with a metal primer before you install it.

Otherwise it will rust. Even under a coat of paint.


They sell them without holes so you will need to drill 8 to 10 evenly spaced 5/16 inch holes in the middle or slightly towards the edge of each leaf. Then the square head of a 1/4 inch carriage bolt will seat in the hole when you tighten the nut.

Feedback Please

If you buy a hinge from this site please let me know if you have any negative feedback. I have my hinges made by a hinge manufacturer so I have never dealt with this company.

This is the only site I have found that sells a comparable hinge one at a time so I would like to know if they have good customer service.

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