Organize Your Stuff With This Fast And Cheap PVC Pipe Rack System

These plastic storage bins are a nice option to store and organize your stuff because they stack so nicely. But the problem is that you can’t get to the bottom ones without taking the whole stack down.

So my solution is this little pvc pipe rack system that lets you get to the bottom and middle bins without disturbing the ones above them.

Get started by grabbing this material list and go down to your local building supply store to get some pvc pipe and fittings.

Don’t bother with glue however because the weight of the boxes will hold them together, along with the naturally tight fit of the components. I used 1/2 inch pipe and it turned out to be plenty strong.

But you could use 3/4 inch if you want a little more strength.

Material list single, 3 bins, total cost $12.08

  • 8.) 90 degree elbows @ .25=$2.00
  • 12) t’s @.27=$3.24
  • 22) feet 1/2 inch pipe 3 pieces @$2.28=$6.84

Material list double, 6 bins, total cost $19.86

  • 12) 90 degree elbows @ .25=$3.00
  • 14) t’s @ .27=$3.78
  • 4) x”s @ .99=$3.96
  • 36) feet 1/2 inch pipe 4 pieces @ $2.28=$9.12

Material list for a triple, 9 bins, total cost $27.64

  • 16) 90 degree elbows @ .25=$4.00
  • 16) t’s @ .27=$4.32
  • 8.) x”s @ .99=$7.92
  • 50) feet 1/2 inch pipe 5 pieces @ $2.28=$11.40

It was a nice day when I did this so I just worked right off the tailgate of my truck.

Measure the length, width and height of your plastic bin and compare it to the size that I’m using here. The bins this rack is made for are 16 inches across the top of the lid, 12 1/4 inches tall and the length of the base is 18 inches.

My dimensions allow just enough clearance to slid the bins in and out. If yours is larger or smaller you can adjust the measurements accordingly.

Most of the time I spend making my first rack was spend figuring out the dimensions by trial and error. So you should be able to take my measurements and adjust them to fit your bins and build a few of these in 30 minutes or less.

This is for bins measuring 16 inches across the top of the lid, 12 1/4 inches tall with an 18 inch base. Adjust these measurements accordingly to fit your bins.

Cut list for a single

  • 12) at 6 inches (uprights)
  • 10) at 12 inches (uprights)
  • 4) at 16 1/2 inches (cross pieces)

Cut list for a double

  • 18) at 6 inches
  • 15) at 12 inches
  • 8.) at 16 1/2 inches

Cut list for a triple

  • 24) at 6 inches
  • 20) at 12 inches
  • 12) at 16 1/2 inches

This entire thing is built from 3 cut lengths of pipe. So cut your components and build 2 uprights each rack. If you want to make a double rack them you will need 3 uprights, or 4 uprights for a triple and so on.

Assemble the whole thing and tap the components together with a piece of wood or small a brick. You will not need PVC cement because they will stay together nicely without it.

Now you will be able to get to the lower bins without having to take the stack down.