Motorcycle Shed

motorcycle shed

A motorcycle shed will protect your motorcycle and free up some valuable space in your garage.

A motorcycle shed will protect your motorcycle from the elements and help you free up some valuable space in your garage.

Here are a few things to think about before you buy or build your motorcycle shed.

  • Sturdy floor
  • Wide door
  • Ramp
  • Ventilation
  • Security

You want enough room on the sides of your motorcycle shed to walk around and clean and service your bike. Plus it’s a good idea to have a little spare space to hold your motorcycle gear.

You can also build some shelves up high to preserve the floor space in your motorcycle shed.

Sturdy Floor

A motorcycle shed will need a sturdy floor to support the weight of your motorcycle. A concrete floor would be the best choice, but any sturdy wood floor with a proper foundation will hold the weight.

If you are concerned about your wood floor holding the weight, just throw a piece of 3/4 inch CDX plywood down where you park your motorcycle. This will help spread the weight and strengthen up a marginal floor.

Wide Door

You don’t want to scrape your knuckles or knock your handle bars as you ride through the door. So your motorcycle shed should have a nice wide door. A single door that is wide enough is preferable to double doors because it will be more convenient to open and be less maintenance than double doors.

A drive through motorcycle shed

A drive through motorcycle shed with two doors

And ideally your motorcycle shed should have a door at either end so you can drive through.

A second door will be a small cost compared to the overall cost of your motorcycle shed. My shed plans include options to build any width door you need, and in any location you need. Including multiple doors for a drive through motorcycle shed.


If your motorcycle shed has a concrete slab then you can make a concrete ramp to match. Of course if it’s ground level you will not need anything. If you build a wood ramp, make sure it’s as wide as your shed door, has a gentle slope and is made of pressure treated wood.

A wide ramp with a gentle slope is particularly important if your motorcycle shed only has one door because you will have to back your motorcycle out. If you have 2 doors, the width and slope of the ramp will be less critical because you have more control in the forward direction.


It’s a good idea to ventilate your motorcycle shed because gas fumes can quickly build up in the confined space of your shed should your motorcycle develop a leak.

And the temperature inside your motorcycle shed can quickly rise to above the outside temperature if you live in a hot climate. There is no reason to bake your motorcycle. So install some eave vents and a turbine or whirley bird vent on the roof. Your motorcycle will love you for it.


Just parking your motorcycle out of sight will increase security because fewer people will see it. Out of sight, out of mind. Your motorcycle shed will also provide one more level of security because first they will have to break into your motorcycle shed before they can steal or vandalize your motorcycle.

Make sure the hinges and latching mechanism on your motorcycle shed are sturdy and are attached with carriage bolts. Carriage bolts have round heads and can’t be backed out or unscrewed.

If your motorcycle shed has a flimsy latch or hinges, then retrofit them with some sturdier hardware from your local hardware store. Your door hardware is the weak point of your motorcycle shed. So beef it up for best security.