Metal Sheds: Advantages and Disadvantages

Metal sheds are the undisputed king when it comes to cheap, low maintenance storage space. Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of metal sheds…

Advantages Of Metal Sheds

metal sheds photo

I took this photo of the metal sheds on display at my neighborhood Lowes store

  • Metal sheds are the king of low maintenance because they will come with a protective coating that lasts for 25 plus years. Either galvanized or paint. Unless a metal shed is made of aluminum, in which case it will not even need a coating because aluminum is nearly impervious to the elements.
  • Metal sheds in kit form are the most economical form of storage that you can have in your own yard.
  • Metal sheds in kit form are easy to assemble with simple hand tools like a screwdriver and pliers. Except for the floor, they require no special tools.
  • They don’t need a floor if you already have a concrete slab. They can be attached directly and save the extra expense of a separate floor.

Disadvantages Of Metal Sheds

  • wood floor metal shed photo

    Water will collect on this ledge and run inside your shed. It's almost impossible to seal this.

    It’s hard to seal around the floor of a metal shed because they are not designed to hang over the side of the floor. They are usually designed to sit right on the floor.

  • Metal sheds are not as aesthetically attractive as wood or even plastic sheds.
  • Metal sheds can’t handle a high wind or much of a snow load.
  • It’s hard to attach shelves and hooks to the wall or ceiling of your metal shed.
  • The doors are the weak point. This will probably fail long before any other part of your metal shed. And replacement parts can be hard to find as your metal shed gets older.

Metal sheds have several disadvantages but their advantages outweigh in many cases. Particularly when cost is a primary issue.