How To Move A Shed

how to move a shed

You might want to hire a tow truck to move a large shed

How to move a shed depends on how large your shed is and how far you want to move it.

  • Move a small shed
  • Move a large shed across the yard
  • Move a large shed across town

Move A Small shed

How to move a small shed is easy. Just get a few friends and put one on each corner and maybe one in between. Lift the shed and move it across the yard. Or put it on the back of a pickup or flat bed trailer if you have to move it across town. You will be surprised what you can do with the help of 4 to 8 neighbors.

This technique is good for metal sheds or plastic sheds. Even if they have a wood floor. Wooden sheds can be moved this way if they aren’t too heavy.

Move A Large Shed Across The Yard

How to move a large shed across the yard is a little trickier but it only takes some basic equipment and a bit of technique. You will need some pipe to roll it on and a few strong backs to push. I have a detailed article here on how to move a shed by hand.

Move A Large Shed Across Town

How to move a large shed across town in much more difficult because it takes some specialized equipment. The hard part is getting it up on a trailer.

A large shed can weigh anywhere from 1500 pounds to several tons. And getting it up high enough to get a trailer under is the challenging part. It can be done by hand with a jack and a stack of blocks at each corner. The key is jacking it up a little on one end, block it and moving to the other end. Only raise it 4 to 6 inches each step.

And make sure your blocks are stable because when you get a 2-5000 pound shed up in the air, it becomes very dangerous. You will have to manage the shed this way when you load it and when you unload it. Using a fork lift or crane is much safer if you have access to one.

The safest way to move a large shed is to hire a tow truck with a tilt bed. They can drop their bed, hitch on to the shed with a cable and wench it up on the truck. Or you might call a local shed company and see if they can move it. They will have equipment to move their own sheds.

How to move a shed can be dangerous if it’s too large and you don’t have the right equipment. Call around and price a professional mover before you make up your mind. They have the proper equipment and techniques and can save you a lot of time and potential injury.

If you have to disassemble a shed to move it, read this post on the subject…