FAQ: How Do I Download The Plans Once I Pay For Them?


How do I download the plans once I pay for them?


My fulfillment system is fully automatic. Within seconds of your purchase an email with a download link will be sent to the email address associated with your PayPal account.

  1. When you click on that link it will take you to a very simple page that says to “click here to download shed plans”.
  2. When you click on the link it will open a download window. The window will give you the option to save or to open the file.
  3. Click the save option and download the plans to your hard drive.
  4. Then open the file with an PDF viewer. If you need a free PDF viewer you can find one here.
  5. Sometimes your email and your browsers will not work properly together so you will have to copy the link from the email and paste it into a browser. That solves most of the issues.

But remember where you download the plans to. Otherwise you will not be able to find them on your computer when you need them.

Most people use the default download folder.

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