How To Build Shed Trusses

You can build your own shed trusses because small sheds usually don’t require permits and therefore the trusses don’t need to be engineered.

Trusses are typically built with 2×4’s and installed either 16 or 24 inches on center. Depending on the shed design and roof load. In addition you’ll need a truss for either end of the shed which will be attached with sheeting and become part of the end walls. I have more information on building shed trusses in my FREE Shed Building Guide.

A shed roof will have rafters. A rafter is a single beam where as trusses are multiple beams tied together with a cord or gussets. A gable roof truss will consist of 2 beams and a cord or gussets. The cord or gussets are what keeps the beams from spreading apart and give the truss it’s strength. A gamble roof truss will consists of 4 beams and 3 gussets.