How To Build A Shed – Overview

8x12 gable roof storage shed

Yes you can build your own shed...

How to build a shed is an overview that takes you from the planning stage through completion of a wooden storage shed.

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Planning And Designing Your Storage Shed

  • Planning your storage shed, the law, your intended use, your budget, your skill level, the local weather conditions
  • Legal issues, land use codes, building codes, building permits, what’s the worst that can happen if you don’t follow the law
  • Designing your shed, size and shape,location, foundation, floor, door, building materials, roof line, accessories, paint or stain, security, cost
  • Buying or making storage shed plans
  • List of tools you’ll need, hand tools, power tools, painting equipment

Shed Construction Techniques

  • Foundation, ground contact method, skids
  • Floor, measure cut and drill materials, build floor frame, square and level, toenail frame to skids, re square and level, sheet the floor, snap chalk line and nail field
  • Building trusses, measure cut and drill materials, build a jig, assemble, check for consistency
  • Door, measure cut and drill materials, sandwich header, wall frame, spacers, inside frame, support spacers, mark cut lines, sheeting, snap chalk line, inner trim, spacers, outer trim
  • Walls, measure cut and drill materials, build end walls first, frame, sheet, build side door wall last
  • Raising the walls, snap chalk line 3 1/2” inside all 4 walls, space sidewalls properly, install back wall and nail, raise sidewall and nail, raise other sidewall and nail, install other end wall and nail
  • Cutting the door out, route first half, locate hinges and latch, drill holes, mount hinges, route balance, mount latch
  • Framing the roof, hang the trusses upside down between the walls, stand upright, position, screw in place, sheet the roof
  • Trim, gable ends first, roof edge second, corner trim last
  • Finishing the roof, drip edge, felt paper, row starter shingles, shingles, ridge cap

Other Related Stuff

  • Caulking and painting or staining
  • Installing accessories like shelves, windows and ventilation
  • Care and maintenance of your new wooden storage shed