How To Build A Motorcycle Shed Plans

The most common question I get in reference to how to build a motorcycle shed, is if my plans can be modified to

  • change the door location, usually to the side,
  • and can the door be made wider.

The answer to both questions is yes. This text is right out of my shed plans..

You can put the door in either the gable end wall or the in a sidewall The only difference is which king stud you will use. For a door in the gable end wall use a regular stud. For a door in a sidewall use a stud with an angle on it. (Remember to build with the short side of the angle up toward the siding). Otherwise there is no difference in the construction. You can also place the door anywhere on the wall you like. However I recommend that you place it on some increment of 12 inches. Then you are covered by either instance in Figure 5b. You can also make the door wider or narrower. Just adjust the the door header to your desired rough opening size and cut the horizontal cross pieces and trim to fit. Add additional vertical uprights if the siding breaks where there is no stud in the inner door frame.

When I build a motorcycle shed for a customer I usually recommend a single 60 inch door.

This is plenty wide to get even the widest motorcycle through with maneuvering room to spare.

Drive Through With Two Doors

A drive through motorcycle shed

A drive through motorcycle shed with two doors

Of course the best option is to have two 60 inch wide doors and make it a drive through motorcycle shed.

A second door costs very little and you will never have to back up. This is especially important for large and heavy motorcycles.

I recommend a single door instead of double doors because double doors are a maintenance problem in the long run. That is because they not only have to line up with the door frame of the shed, but they have to line up with each other as well.

After a while all doors will shift and this makes keeping double doors aligned 3 or 4 times the problems of a large single door. As long as you use good hinges and carriage bolts a single wide door will hold up just fine even with it’s additional weight.

That is why I only offer a single door in my motorcycle shed plans.

So if you are thinking about building a shed for your motorcycle, my shed plans are perfect because they already cover all the door options you could want.