New Bike Shed Plans Coming Soon

Attention Readers

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Please send me an email and let me know what you need in a bike shed and I will design one or more to include in my upcoming lean-to style shed plans.

Update: April 22, 2014, Images coming in a few days…

I’ve had several of requests for a larger bike shed. So I’m working on few new designs.

  • 4×6 low profile with a door on each end, about 5ft tall overall
  • 4×6 low profile with double doors on the front, about 5ft tall overall
  • 4×6 vertical bike shed like my original only larger, with storage to either side
  • 4×8 with 2 doors, to store 4 bikes vertically
  • If you have any suggestions please send me an email and I will try to include it.

These bike sheds will be included in my new lean to style shed plans that will be out by the end of June 2014, or earlier.

These original bike shed plans are large enough for many bikes but not large enough for all. These new designs will be able to handle any size bike. Plus I will show you how to customize them to any size you need.

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Original Compact Vertical Bike Shed Features And Demonstration Video


This is what the finished shed looks like up against a wall. It is short enough to fit under the eave of any house and has a small enough foot print that you can locate it almost anywhere.

This project will show you how to build a 2 bike capacity compact vertical bicycle storage shed for about $215 dollars in materials.

It’s also the perfect size and design for a small garden shed or tool shed.

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