FAQ: How can I make my shed roof stronger?


I have lots of snow. How can I make my shed roof stronger?


4 Ways to make your roof stronger against snow load:

  1. Use more trusses by making them closer together. 24 inch on center is the industry standard for trusses. 16 inch on center would be a good improvement in strength. 12 inch on center would be overkill for most situations.
  2. Use 2×6’s in the trusses instead of 2×4’s. The overall dimensions will be the same. They will just be 2 inches taller.
  3. You can use plywood instead of OSB for the roof sheeting. And you could use 3/4 inch instead of the usual 1/2 inch. This will spread the load more evenly to all trusses
  4. Higher pitch roof trusses are stronger than the lower pitch, plus they will shed the snow better.
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