FAQ: How Can I Make A Stronger And Better Shed?

You can make your shed stronger by using more and thicker wood. And make it better by using quality products.

  • You could use 2×6’s in the floor and walls instead of 2×4’s. Though 2×4’s at 16 inch are the industry standard.
  • You can use thicker siding in the walls. 7/16 is usual but you can also buy 5/8. Also a plywood type siding with a composite wood veneer is stronger than regular composite siding.
  • You can place the studs and floor joists closer together. 16 inch on center is strong enough for most situations. But you could go with 12 inch centers for maximum strength. This would be unusual in the walls but it’s pretty common in the floor.
  • You can make your foundation stronger by using more skids closer together, and more blocks closer together under the skids.
  • You can make the floor stronger by using 2×6’s or 2×8’s and/or go from 16 inch on center to 12 inch on center. You can also use thicker floor sheeting. Or even a double layer of floor sheeting. But for maximum strength want to make sure the seams don’t overlap.
  • You can make your roof stronger against snow load by using 2×6’s in the trusses, and or making them closer together. 24 inch on center is the industry standard for trusses. 16 inch on center would be a good improvement. You can also use a higher roof pitch. And you can use plywood instead of OSB for the roof sheeting. And you could make it thicker than the usual 1/2 inch.
  • Use a continuous piano hinge for the door to prevent sagging and make it harder to break into. You can also install a high security door lock to make it difficult for the bad guys to break in.
  • Use the best quality paint to make the shed last longer and prevent weather damage. Use 2 coats and repaint before the shed needs it.
  • Metal is more expensive but it is the ultimate choice for the roof. Most manufacturers rate their metal roofs at 50 plus years.

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