Cheap Sheds: Tips to Saving Money on Your Next Storage Shed

storage shed with window

With a little effort you can probably save some money on your next storage shed

Finding cheap sheds… Today it’s all about saving money. And that especially applies to large ticket items like storage sheds. But there are many ways to save money and find cheap sheds. And I will itemize a few of them here.

  • Buy a Used Shed. Often times when people move houses they don’t bother to take their shed with them because they don’t know how to move it. Look in the classifieds usually under building materials and used sheds are often advertised there. But remember to factor in you time and effort to move it to calculate the overall cost.
  • Build your own cheap shed. You can build your own shed for a fraction of what you will pay for a new one from a commercial shed builder. In fact you can save from 50% to 80% of the cost of a  shed by building your own. And that is what this website is all about. Get a FREE copy of my shed building guide to see how easy it is to build your own shed, then buy a copy of my shed plans and get started.
  • Cheap Sheds from a Kit. If you are slightly less adventurous and don’t want to build from scratch, then buy a shed kit. They have all the materials with good instructions and the difficult parts are already done. You will still need the same tools but not as much knowledge as building from scratch or from plans.

But if you must buy a new shed, here are a few tips for dealing with the storage shed companies

  • Buy a Basic Model. Fancy extras like overhang and custom roof lines take a lot of labor. So if you stick with something basic and boxy you will get a better value for your storage shed dollar.
  • Paint It Yourself. Shed companies often charge a premium to paint their sheds. You can save a  here because painting is simple enough that anyone can do it over the weekend.
  • Install Your Own Accessories. Items like shelves, turbine vents, windows, etc. often have a large markup. And you can fairly easily install them for just the cost of the material.
  • Can You Take Delivery of a Prefab Shed? Building a shed in their own shop is more labor efficient for a shed company. So sometimes they will delivered a prefab shed cheaper than the cost to built one on site.
  • Buy a Demo. Demo sheds get wear and tear, and shed companies like to have their inventory shiny and new. If you can take a delivery, negotiate a discount for a slightly older shed from their display lot. The wear and tear will only be cosmetic. And it will come with the full warranty. Warranties start from the date of purchase and not from the time of construction.

Finding cheap sheds for sale or building your own, is just a matter of being creative and thinking outside of the “storage shed” box.