Caulking and painting your storage shed

Painting your shed serves two purposes.

  • First and foremost it protects the wood against the elements.
  • Second it makes your shed look good.

Use good grade of paint and it will last longer so you have to repaint less often.

caulking and painting your storage shedIt will be much easier to paint your shed while you are the big pieces are still laying horizontal, prior to assembling it.

Paint right out of the bucket and things will go much faster.

painting your storage shed trimYou can paint your trim on a piece of sheeting destined for the roof.

Paint on the side that goes up and you will not have to worry about paint stains because they will be hidden below the shingle roof.

caulk your storage shedThe most important caulking is on the horizontal joints. Usually on the door and on the gable walls if you join two pieces of siding together.

Run a bead of caulk in the joint and smooth it with your finger. Let it dry and paint right over it.

After the shed is assembled you will need to go around and paint over the areas you caulked, all the new nail heads and touch up any areas you might have scratched.