FAQ: Can I build a Single Sloped shed longer than 20 ft, or wider than 12 ft?

Length limits

My the single slope shed plans use an angled single top plate. This makes the design simpler and easier to build because you don’t have to notch the rafters. So the limit to how long you can build a single sloped shed is the longest top plate you can buy, typically 20ft.

That’s why the plans only go up to 20 ft. You can build a longer shed if you splice the top plate between 2 rafters with a splice of 22.5 inches. But make sure the splice doesn’t fall where the siding overlaps. This is for strength reasons.

Width limits

I have only built single sloped sheds up to 12 ft wide. I know 2×6’s will make this span because I have built hundreds of sheds to this specification. But I don’t know what size rafter you will need for a 14 or 16 wide shed.

I am not an engineer, I am a hands on shed builder. If you go with a 10in rafter I’m reasonably confident it will make a 16ft span. But no guarantees.


If you build longer than 20ft you will also have to splice the rim joists. But I have already covered those instructions in this post…

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