FAQ: Building A 3-Sided Wood Shed


I want to build a 16’x10′ lean-to style shed but I need one side to be open (the taller 16′ side will have no wall) because I’m using it as a 3-sided wood shed. Will this be a problem?

I have an outdoor wood furnace and also plan to include the porch to cover the furnace.


In place of the missing wall you will need a header to hold the roof up.

For a 10 ft wide lean to style shed the rise at the front is about 14 inches so you could easily get a sandwiched 2×10 in. Sit it on the 10 wall top plates and put some spacers to bring the top of the header up to the correct top plate height. You can leave the top plate out.

For a 16ft span you will need at least 1, maybe 2 vertical upright supports. I would recommend pressure treated 4×4’s.

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