Bike Shed Plans Step 7: Finishing Touches

Now for a few finishing touches to complete your shed and park your bikes.

compact bicycle storage shed 1Ramp: To make it easier to roll your bike in, cut out the bottom plate and add a few bricks to make a ramp into the shed. Just make sure the bricks don’t interfere with the door closing.
compact bicycle storage shed 2A nail is all it takes to hold your bike in place.
compact bicycle storage shed 3Locate the nails about the same height as the front axle. You can experiment by putting nails on either side of the studs if you need a different spacing.
compact bicycle storage shed 4Once you learn the correct spacing for the back wheels and pedals parking your bike becomes automatic.

Now add a good padlock and you bikes are safe and secure…

How To Build A Bike Shed

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