Bike Shed Plans Step 3: Back Wall

Cut 4 studs and a top and bottom plate as per the bike shed plans. Notice that the 4 studs are cut at an angle on the top end.

Lay out and mark the top and bottom plates and drill your pilot holes.

small garden shed plans 1Assemble: Lay the 4 studs and 2 plates on a flat surface. Make sure the short side of the angle on the studs is laying down.

This is just the opposite of the front wall. Attach the studs to the bottom plate with 3 inch screws.

small garden shed plans 2Offset top plate: Attach the studs to the top plate but make sure the top plate is offset so the top corners align.

This allow the sheeting to lay flat. You night have to lay a 2×4 spacer under the top of the studs to provide some working clearance under the top plate.

small garden shed plans 3Attach sheeting: Double check that the long side of the stud is facing up so that the siding is nailed on the correct side of the assembly. Lay the sheeting down flush with the top plate and spaced equally from side to side.

Nail along the top plate with 2 inch galvanized nails every 8 inches. Square the underlying frame to the siding by measuring the overhang at the top and bottom of the stud on one side. When this measurement is equal on the top and bottom then it’s square and you can nail it down in both lower corners.

Snap a chalk line along the studs and plates and nail every 8 inches.

small garden shed plans 4Trim excess. Measure the overhang on the bottom of the siding and transfer that measurement to the top side.

Snap a chalk line and cut off the excess with your circular saw. If you are going to use your router, make your small cut along the bottom overhang then route the excess from both sides.

small garden shed plans 5The finished end will be flush cut on both sides and the top with your specified overhang on the bottom.

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