Bike Shed Plans: Material List And Cost Estimate

This is the material list and cost estimate to build this bike shed. It came in a little higher than I first estimated but it is still a reasonable price at $215.00.

Item Quantity Price Each Sub Total
2 x 4 x 8ft pressure treated 3 7.00 21.00
2 x 4 x 92 5/8 (pre cuts) (or 2 x 4 x 8ft) 23 2.21 50.83
4ft x 7ft siding 4 17.22 68.88
1/2 inch x 4ft x 8ft OSB 1 7.95 7.95
Drip edge (10ft lengths) 2 4.08 8.16
Shingles (bundle) 1 23.95 23.95
Door hinges 3 4.97 14.91
Door latch 1 4.48 4.48
Assorted fasteners (estimate) 15.00
Grand Total To Build This 4×4 Compact Bike Shed $215.16

I didn’t include the price of felt paper because a 60 ft long roll of felt paper costs $25.00 and you will only need 8 ft. So there would be a lot of waste there. It will probably be ok as long as you don’t live in really wet weather or have a roof draining directly on it.

I have also not included the price of paint or caulk. You will need about 1/2 gallon for two good coats. Likely you have enough extra paint around the house you can use for free.

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