Bike Shed Plans Step 1: Building The Floor

The first step called for in the bike shed plans is to build the floor. Cut your floor sheeting to size and the 2×4 pieces to length.

The finished floor size is under 4 ft square so keep the other half of the floor sheeting to use in the roof.

bike shed floor 1I’m using pressure treated 2×4’s in the floor and turning them sideways so the finished shed will set closer to the ground.

The floor is so small that it doesn’t need the strength of the 2×4’s turned the normal stronger way.

You could use pressure treated plywood in the floor but I already had the right size OSB pieces around the shop so that is what I used.

bike shed plans floor 2Because the shed is so small it’s not necessary to have much of a floor frame. And because the 2×4’s are turned flat they were difficult to nail together and make a frame to attach the sheeting to.

So to keep the floor frame in place until I could nail them to the sheeting, I laid the 2×4 pieces out on the upside down floor sheeting and used 2 inch screws in each end the 2×4’s to hold them in place.

bike shed plans floor 3Then I flipped the floor so the top side was up and nailed everything into the underlying 2×4’s with 1 3/4″ nails.

Where some of the screws came through I simply turned the floor over and removed them. The screws were not for strength, they were just to keep the 2×4’s in place.

Be sure to make the finished floor very close to the dimensions called for in the shed plans because this shed doesn’t use any corner trim to hide your mistakes under. But if you follow the plans carefully your completed shed will be very tight and not need trim.

How To Build A Bike Shed

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