Bike Shed Plan Step 4: Side Walls

The two sidewalls are identical except mirror images of each other.

Cut your 6 studs and 4 top and bottom plates. Remember the 6 studs have angles on the top end and the top plates have angles on both ends.

Measure, mark and drill 1/8 inch pilot holes in the top and bottom plates.

small tool shed plans 1If you use screws instead of carriage bolts you can skip the next few steps and go right to framing the wall.

Because the shed is so small, the heads of the carriage bolts for the hinges and latch will interfere with the studs in the sidewall. So you have to drill access holes so they are out of the way and so you can reach the nuts to tighten them in the future.

Lay the correct stud on top of the front wall and hit it with a hammer up and down the length to mark where the bolt heads are.

small tool shed plans 2Then move it to the side and mark the location of the bolts on the stud.
small tool shd plans 3Transfer the side mark to the face of the stud to locate exactly where you need to drill the access holes.

Use a 1 1/2 inch spade bit.

small tool shed plans 4Drill most of the way through the 2×4. Don’t go all the way through because it will make a ragged hole.
small tool shed plans 5Turn the 2×4 over and use the pilot hole to finish the hole.
small tool shed plans 6Lay it into position to check that everything is correct. Now you can get a wrench in to tighten the nuts in the future.

As I said, if you just use screws you can skip this step.

small tool shed plans 7Frame walls: Assemble the 2 side walls making certain the pre drilled stud or studs are properly located. Lay the siding down so it overhangs the same on either side and the correct amount on the bottom.

Nail the bottom corners and check the frame for square against the siding by measuring the side over hangs at the top and bottom. Then nail into all the studs with 2 inch galvanized nails every 8 inches.

small tool shed plans 8This is what the back side of the side wall will look like before it’s trimmed in the next step.

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