The Advantages of Aquaponics

how-to aquaponicsHydroponic gardens are already highly popular among people of all ages because they require little space, are easy to take care of, and give satisfactory results.

However, because you need to supply the water with necessary nutrients, which most of the time are chemical, the taste of the crops is not quite what you expect.

People trying to switch to organic products have a hard time coping with the chemical additions from the hydroponically-grown vegetables. Fortunately, a new type of gardening is available. It is called the aquaponic system and it can help you grow organic food in your home.

A Mixture of Systems

The aquaponic system is a mixture between the aquaculture (which requires growing fish in a special fish tank) and hydroponics (which involves growing plants with water and nutrients). It’s a symbiotic relationship between fish and plants. The fish excrements contain ammonia which is later decomposed in nitrites and nitrates.

The latter substance is benefic for the plants, offering them enough nutrients to grow and develop normally. Thus, there will be no need to supply your plants with chemical substances as they will already have all the food they need. In return for the nutrients that the plants receive from the fish, the plants clean and oxygenize the water for the fish.

The Advantages

This leads to several advantages that the aquaponic system has over the hydroponic system. First, the vegetables will have a better taste as since there will be no chemicals added to make them grow faster. Second, the system is simpler, because the fish will feed your plants every day, instead of you. Finally, along with vegetables, you can grow fish, which you can use for decoration, or delicious meals for you and your family.

Aquaponics is an improved version of the hydroponic system. The crops are better and the process is easier. No chemicals; 100% organic home-grown food. What more can you wish for?

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