How Does the Aquaponic System Work?

how-to aquaponics

Starting an aquaponic garden is relatively easy, especially for those who have already tried the hydroponic system. Yet, many people still have doubts about the effectiveness of aquaponic gardening. Here are some points that will take away any doubts you might have.

What It Does

What aquaponics does is it replaces the ground with water filled with naturally obtained nutrients from the fish. It does not modify the plants which are going to be put in the netting pot. Thus, if you are looking for a system which will provide you with tomatoes in just a couple of weeks, then you are definitely in the right place.

All Natural

The aquaponic system is all natural, which means that the plant will follow the normal stages in its development and will grow just as if it were planted in the ground. In order to properly estimate the time when you will have the first crops, look on the package and see how much time that particular plant needs to grow in the ground as that is the exact time in which you will have your first crops.

Crop Timing

It will take about 3 months to have the aquaponic system ready for your plants, because the fish excrements need time to break into ammonia, nitrites, and then into nitrates. However, you can skip those 3 months by inserting nitrates in the water from the first day you start. Once the system is ready for planting, no fertilizers or chemical substances should be used to speed up plant growth because this will kill the fish and ruin your garden.

Vegetables grown in aquaponic gardens take just as much time to grow as the ones grown in soil, so there is no need to be suspicious or doubtful about the quality of the crops obtained through the aquaponic system. The vegetables are as tasty as can be, and sometimes healthier than what you find on the market!

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