FAQ: What Is The Easiest Way To Add Electricity To A Shed?

Generally, adding electrical to your shed requires a building permit. Which is almost always a major hassle.

But a good alternative is to wire the interior of your shed with lights, outlets, etc., then power them through a heavy duty extension chord running to the shed. This way it’s not permanent and you will probably not need a permit.

But of course check with your local building department to make sure.

Wire it like you would your house. Use a heavy gauge wire and outlets and switches. Nail them right into the studs. You can drill holes in the studs to pass the wire if necessary.

Use a breaker box with a GFI (ground fault interrupt) just to be safe. Then run a short extension lead outside through the floor with a male plug that you plug into the extension chord.

That way you can plug your “shed” in when you need power, and roll the chord up other times.

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