A Comparison of Wooden Sheds vs. Metal Sheds vs. Plastic Sheds

Since Metal and plastic sheds generally come in kits I am also comparing wooden sheds in kit form..

Feature Best Average Worst
1) Price Metal Plastic Wood
2) Visual Appeal Wood Plastic Metal
3) Ease of Assembly Plastic Metal Wood
4) Ease of Maintance Metal Plastic Wood
5) Security Wood Metal Plastic
6) Ding Resistance Wood Plastic Metal
7) Factory Warranty Plastic Metal Wood
8.) Ease of dis-assembly Plastic Metal Wood


1) Price to buy the storage shed includes the price of a floor which is usually sold separately in metal and plastic sheds.

2) Not much visual appeal or variety in metal sheds because they need to be boxy and square components. Plastic sheds offers a little more variety but wooden sheds are the king for variety because they can be built in any style and roof line.

3) Ease of assembly. Metal and plastic sheds generally only require basic hand tools like screwdriver and pliers and wrench. A wooden shed will require hammer, nails, and possibly a circular saw. Also a metal and plastic sheds come pre-finished where as wooden sheds will need to be painted.

4) Ease of maintenance includes future painting, caulking, possible shingle replacement.

5) Security in plastic sheds and metal sheds is almost non existent. A firm grip on the door or a swift kick with the foot will collapse most doors. Wooden sheds are your only option if you want or need security for your storage shed.

6) Ding resistance is an important factor in the event you will be working around your storage shed and might have a chance to hit it like when you are mowing your yard and hit it with a lawn mower

7) Factory warranties are usually best on the plastic sheds and metal sheds. Warranties are generally shorter on the wooden sheds.

8.) Ease of dis-assembly in the event you ever want to move your storage shed, like you change residences and want to take it with you. Wooden sheds can’t easily be dis-assembled because removing the nails will tear the wood and shingles apart. With plastic sheds and metal sheds it’s just a matter of reversing the assembly process and undoing the screws and bolts.

Looks vs. value

Most people prefer wooden storage sheds when they can afford it, or if it is just a little more than a metal shed. Wooden storage sheds look better and are generally stronger.

But you just can’t beat the value of a metal shed kit from Home Depot or Lowe’s. They are the best option for pure storage shed value. Especially if you can put it around the corner and out of site so you don’t have to look at it all the time.