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Garage Plans + Blueprints

1 2 3 4 Car Garage Plans

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These plans give you step by step framing instructions, complete with diagrams and dimensions.

They are designed for the first time garage builder with little or no construction experience.



Blueprints & Materials List

Sample Garage Layouts

14x24-1-car-garage1 car - 14x24 end door
24x24-2-car-garage-gable-end-door2 car - 24x24 end door
24x24-2-car-garage-side-door2 car - 24x24 side door
32x24-3-car-garage-gable-end-doors2-3 car - 32x24 end doors
24x32-3-car-garage-side-doors2-3 car - 24x32 side doors
24x40-4-car-garage4 car - 24x40 side doors


Garages Built With These Plans

14x24-1-car-garage24x32 Attached to home
24x24-2-car-garage-gable-end-doorBuilt on wood floor
24x24-2-car-garage-side-door14x20 workshop
14x24-1-car-garage10ft tall walls, 8ft tall door
24x24-2-car-garage-gable-end-door10ft tall walls, 9ft tall door
24x24-2-car-garage-side-door1 car door on 20ft wide garage
14x24-1-car-garage2 Car garage with apartment/office
24x24-2-car-garage-gable-end-door24x42 4 car garage
24x24-2-car-garage-side-door10 ft tall garage

Buy Now - $19.95

$19.95 Includes Plans + Blueprints For These 4 Garage Sizes:

This number represents the maximum number of cars you can park inside.

  • 1 Car - 14x24
  • 2 Car - 24x24, 24x32, 32x24
  • 3 Car - 24x32, 32x24
  • 4 Car - 24x40

You don't have to put all these doors in. You can use fewer doors if you like and have more space left over for other storage. Or add benches and have some nice shop and work space.

14x24 1 car garage

This garage has an 8x7 ft overhead door centered on the 14 ft gable end wall. You can install a 36 inch pass door and any number of windows on the other 3 walls.

24x24 2 car garage

There is a 16x7 ft overhead door installed on the center of any one of the 4 walls. You can install a 36 inch pass door and any number of windows on the other 3 walls.

This garage is square so you can install the overhead door on the gable end wall or a sidewall, depending on the look you want.

24x32/32x24 2/3 car garage

The difference between a 24x32 and 32x24 garage is the orientation of the trusses and ridge line. Both garages can have a 16x7 and a 8x7 overhead door on the 32 ft wall.

The 24x32 uses 24 ft trusses and the ridge line runs along 32 ft dimension. The 32x24 garage uses 32 ft trusses and the ridge line runs along the 24 ft dimension.

24x40 4 car garage

This garage uses 24ft trusses. The 40 ft side wall has 2) 16x7 ft overhead doors and you can install a 36 inch pass door and any number of windows on the other 3 walls.

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1 2 3 4 Car Garage Plans
1 2 3 4 Car Garage Blueprints

Garage Plans + Blueprints


Buy Now - $19.95